Dante Leon – Desperately

Indie Toronto artist Dante Leon has been busy songwriting with/for Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Post Malone, DVBBS and even touring with DVBBS and Cody Simpson.

However, currently, he’s prepping his solo EP beginning with the first single “Desperately,” a guitar-laden ballad that has him declaring his need for a certain person in his life. The single was initially written for a major artist placement, Dante considered it too personal to give away and instead chose to keep it for himself. The slow ballad finds him reminiscing about lost love, making us all wonder the identity of the belle that caused Dante to shed “thug tears.”

“I need you like skin on my bones, I need you like the lid on my ice to cover the sun / I need you like air in my lungs, the list goes on and on and on and on / I need you desperately,” he sings on the mellow love song.

Stream below:

The single is the first of many leading to a debut EP in the works for 2017.