[EXCLUSIVE] K.Avett Performs ‘The Matter (What Are We Here For?)’ For Singersroom’s “Voice & Acoustics” Series

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Soul/R&B/Jazz singer K.Avett takes on episode 3 of Singersroom’s “Voice & Acoustics,” a performance series that showcases the fearless vocal delivery of singers backed by minimal instrumentation.

For her live session, the singer/songwriter delivers a soulful and jazzy rendition of her new single “The Matter (What Are We Here For?),” a record that provokes conversation in a time where social change is needed.

Accompanying Avett are multi-platinum and Grammy-winning producers Madukwu Chinwah (upright bass) and Ty Macklin whose song credits include (Noel Gourdin, India Irie, Erykah Badu). She is also supported by the multi-talented Music Director for Jon B., Jordache Vincent Grant (keys).

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/bsETH8D1u2E”]

K.Avett’s untitled sophomore album is slated for a Spring 2017 release.

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