Brian Owens and the Deacons of Soul – So High

Ferguson, MO-raised singer-songwriter Brian Owens keeps the spirit of soul alive. He did so on his 2012 project Moods and Messages, and on Friday (Feb. 24), he’s set to drop his next project titled Soul of Ferguson along with the Deacons of Soul.

Owens wrote all eight of the songs featured on the album, drawing from each one from his many influences — Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield and other giants.  One listen to “So High” and you’ll hear the influence of those classic soul crooners. The song’s content is about love in two forms. Owens explains:

“I wrote the lyrics of this song with a friend of mine  named Jarrett Johnson, an incredible writer in LA. From the moment I started writing this song, I knew it would be about love but then I began to wonder, love for whom? Initially, I did not use any pronouns, no “baby,” no “honey,” so there was a duality. The first verse could be about GOD, and the second verse, the actualization of that love in the relationship for my wife. I love the vibe and feel in how that comes together.”

Also on Soul of Ferguson, Owens also teamed up with vocal superstar and close friend Michael McDonald for the project’s debut single “For You.”

Stream “So High” below: