Faith Evans Settles Lawsuit Over Atlanta Bad Boy Reunion Tour Show

Last summer, Atlanta promoter Jeremy Hill sued Faith Evans or breach of contract, claiming that he booked Evans to perform at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater on Sept 10th and paid her $17.5k in advance to lock down the contract. But Evans planned to hop on to do the Bad Boy Reunion tour show on Sept. 8th, which violates a “non-compete” clause in the contract that doesn’t allow Evans to perform within a 100-mile radius of his show during the six months leading up to Sept. 10th.

Now, the entire has lawsuit has been settled, according to On February 9th, Hill filed a voluntary dismissal of all claims against Evans because they reached an amicable settlement out of court.

In August, an Atlanta judge dropped the suit, allowing Evans to perform at the Atlanta stop of Bad Boy Reunion Tour on September 8th.