[Song Premiere] Josh X – Don’t Wanna Hurt You

Ahead of his free, downloadable 10-song EP Amour The Prelude – I am Josh X (arriving on Valentine’s Day), Josh X premieres “Don’t Wanna Hurt You,” a song from the project.  

The song is a banger, with Josh intending the best for his love. “I don’t wanna hurt you again,” he sings on the hook. “If you take your love away, I’ll go crazy,” he sings on the Blackstreet-inspired bridge.

“Don’t Wanna Hurt You” was written by Josh X and produced by Elrey.

“Literally, when I say in the song ‘story of my life I tell the truth no hype ya good man’…it’s a real feeling,” Josh explains. ” In life, I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster when it comes to love; the ups and the downs, the witnessing how I’ve hurt some good people just being young and immature and not really understanding when a woman gives you her heart you should cherish it,” says Josh.  “True love is hard to find, so when you find it, make sure you never take it for granted,” he adds.

Listen below:

Josh’s upcoming debut album I Am Josh X is due out this summer.