Mariah Carey Talks ‘I Don’t,’ Dishes On How To Deal With A Breakup

Mariah Carey went through a public breakup, wrote a song “I Don’t ” about it, and burned a wedding dress in the accompanying video, now she’s talking about it all to Refinery29. In the interview, she dishes on the video’s concept and gives advice on how to deal with a breakup.

It seems there’s a theme in Mariah’ videos regarding wedding dresses: in her “We Belong Together” video, she wore the same wedding dress from her real-life wedding to Tommy Mottola 10 years earlier when she played a runaway bride. Now, in “I Don’t,” she controversially burns a wedding dress, a symbol of a broken commitment.

About the burnage, Carey says the dress that was torched wasn’t the dress she was going to wear to marry ex- fiance James Packer, and that she’s been wanting to burn a wedding dress since “We Belong Together.”

“Okay, so a lot of people have been reporting this, but in the video, this dress is a wedding dress, but it’s not a wedding dress — as in, not one that I had an intention of getting married in,” she said. “But anyway, it seemed like it came full circle because in the “We Belong Together” video, I run away in a wedding dress. I tend to do that a lot, in real life and in videos. [Laughs] But the truth is, I wanted Brett Ratner, who directed “We Belong Together” back in like 2006, to burn the train of the wedding dress [in that video], and he wouldn’t do it! And I was like, ‘Let it go on fire, what’s the big deal?’ So I was directing this video and I was like, ‘I’m burning this thing, I don’t care!'”

While burning items that remind you of your ex could be a way to cope with a breakup, it’s not the only way. Carey also gave a bit of advice on how to cope with a split. “I think before you can really move on you just have to really be able to let go of the anger, and then you focus on yourself and do you.”

Good advice! Read the full interview HERE.