Flames! Bryan-Michael Cox Enlists Robert Glasper For Smooth Ballad, ‘One Day’

Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Bryan-Michael Cox is known to make hits from behind the scenes, but now he’s stepping into the spotlight as the vocalist on his own production called “One Day.”

Grammy-winning artist/musician Robert Glasper is on the keys of this ballad, which reminds men to set aside time for the special women in their lives or else they’ll find themselves alone.

“All it takes is one day / For her to fall in love all over again / It’s best to keep her close, if you want to win / There be so many others waiting for their turn in the background / If you love her you better treat her right, before her feelings change,” he sings.

No word on if this is the beginning of Bryan’s career as an artist, but enjoy his offering below. They don’t make gems like this anymore!