Soul-Pop Artist Ray Hodge Releases ‘If It’s Easy’ Video

Queens-based, indie soul-pop artist Ray Hodge has been buzzing since the release of his debut EP Braveheart last fall and his empowering video for “I Am King.” He recently dropped the newest music video off Braveheart for his highly emotional, and deeply personal track, “If It’s Easy.”

The song is dedicated to the one who broke his heart, and you can check out the artfully crafted video, directed by Alexa San Román above. In the visual, Hodge is left lifeless on the ground, feeling “dead” and lifeless after a breakup. He eventually stands up and explodes in a burst of motion.

This is what Ray Hodge had to say about “If It’s Easy:”

“‘If It’s Easy’ is a song about making what you believe in come true. It’s about saying to oneself  ‘I am taking hold of my own destiny, I am someone. I am and will be loved.’ This song is about the adventure and struggle to love. The music video I made with Alexa San Roman and wanted to dedicate it to someone I love so very much, the only one who could ever break my heart. It’s about the different phases I went through during our breakup. Feeling dead and confused, lost…thinking about if they felt the same way too. But at some point it came to me, I need to get up and stop beating myself up and laying here wondering. If it is truly meant to be, it shall be. Finding your own beat to life after sharing it is hard, but one way or another we all seem to bounce back.”

Ray Hodge’s debut EP Braveheart is available for purchase on iTunes here.


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