Ray Hodge Shares Strength In Emotionally-Driven Music Video For ‘I Am King’

Indie soul-pop artist Ray Hodge drops his powerful video “I Am King,” a song about the testament of strength and pride in the royalty of his heritage. The video is simple and stripped down; just Hodge as he reflects on his greatness.

“For all I am, my ancestors tell me so / My blood, it tells me so / My being tells me so,” he declares.

About the song, Hodge explains:

“[this song] was born to be a lasting echo from me to my future children, and their children, and so on. It’s a reminder to them that we are more than just what people say or think we are, to give them this spiritual power to move through life when days get so low. This song was meant to give strength when they felt like they didn’t have it in them. Once it came to my attention that this song was so much bigger than the empowerment of just my blood line (my family) I had to share it with my people and who ever feels the power of the song. If I can help someone by giving that same reminder and feeling that I wanted to give to my future kids, it would be an amazing accomplishment.”

“I Am King” stems from his forthcoming debut EP Braveheart due out Oct. 28th. The 6-song project is meant to move and inspire, and gives a message of hope for anyone that has been through trying times in their life, to remind them that they are not alone and to stay strong, love themselves and push through because they are going to make it…the same mantra that Ray reminds himself of on a daily basis.


Watch Ray Hodge’s powerful video below:



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