BET’s ‘The New Edition Story’ Is A Ratings Smash, First Installment Draws 4.4 Milllion Viewers

BET’s mini-series “The New Edition Story” has had Twitter popping these last couple of nights; it seems like everyone and their mama was watching, and actually, that may be accurate!

Not only did the movie trend on social media (with 1 million discussions generated), millions tuned in to watch the drama unfold as the story of legendary group New Edition’s rise to fame played on millions of screens.

The first installment (which aired on Tuesday, Jan. 24), brought in a staggering 4.4 million viewers: that’s BET’s highest-rated premiere in five years.

The numbers would add up to an estimated 15 million if online streaming views and DVR stats are counted. The numbers for the second installment are yet to be released.

Catch the third and final installment tonight at 9p/8c on BET.