Frank Ocean’s Mother Wants Kim Burrell’s Part On His Song ‘Godspeed’ Removed

Not only has Kim Burrell’s homophobic statements gotten her the boot from appearing on “The Ellen Show” this week, now Frank Ocean’s mother, Katonya Breaux, wants to give Burrell the boot off of her son’s album Blond, more specifically the collab “Godspeed.”

Breaux took to Twitter with a (hypothetical?) statement she had with her son. “Me: Son, can we crop Kim Burrell’s voice out of your song??” she continued, “I mean damn. Hypocrisy and the inciting of hate pisses me off. Opportunistic &?%#€!!.”

Ocean, who’s publicly homosexual, posted an essay back in 2010 on Tumblr in response to a video of Burrell performing “Home” in 2007. “I was raised Christian,” Ocean wrote. “Only had a few friends from different religions growing up.”

He continued, “I remember being kind of intimidated by the idea of it, actually. Church was the hood Julliard to me. All the coldest musicians came out of there. [Kim Burrell] in the video…summa cum laude.”

No word on if any action will be taken to removed Burrell from the Blond album or not.