Uh Oh: Trey Songz Goes Crazy After His Mic Was Cut Off; Destroys Stage (Video)

Trey Songz knew he was over his allotted time limit during a recent performance in Detroit, but that didn’t stop the R&B superstar from losing control when the engineer actually cut his microphone off.

“They say they gon’ cut my mic off because I’m taking too much time, I want you to know Detroit…that if that happens, I love you no matter what,” Trey says in a fan captured video clip. “All I wanna do is give you the best show I’m capable of giving.”

It looks like Trey’s alter ego Trigga answered the call because he began speaking more aggressively and taunting show producers.

“A ni**a cut me off, I’m going the f*ck crazy,” Trey adds before taunting with the song, “gon’ do it….cut me off.”

Well, what happened next is what Trey wished for and he followed through on his sh*t talking.

The Virginia-native lost his cool when his microphone was cut, jumped in the audience and got the crowd turned up then went back on stage and destroyed several pieces of equipment before exiting stage left.

We hope no other incidents happened because that’s a lawsuit knocking!

**Update: Trey Songz was arrested following this incident. Read full story HERE!


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