Songwriter-Prodcuer Jared Evan Steps Out From Behind The Scenes and Releases New Single ‘The End Game’ Ft. Allan Kingdom

Writer and producer Jared Evan is stepping out solo with a new upcoming album new album The Blanket Truth, and releases his single “The End Game” featuring Allan Kingdom.

The lyrics over the Arcitype-produced track focus on a tumultuous relationship and how it parallels to the struggles of the music industry.

“I wrote the song about a girl I was dating for a while. The relationship eventually started to feel like a game, and it made me question what the point of it even was to begin with. I couldn’t understand what she or even myself wanted the end goal to be. When I wrote it, I wanted the metaphor to be about the music business. I felt as if it was similar to how the music industry operates and how people only desire you when you’re popping. “The End Game” is Jared and Allan’s perspective of a relationship gone sour, to the point that it reminded Jared of how fickle people and the music business can be,” he told Mass Appeal.

The Blanket Truth is due out on November 4th.

Listen to “The End Game” below: