British Songstress Rachel Foxx Will ‘Make You Say’ Her Name

Hackney, London-based singer-songwriter Rachel Foxx wants everyone to know her name with the chill groove “Make You Say,” a track taken from her much anticipated new EP Blue Moon which will be released in the upcoming months.

On the song, Foxx’s sultry voice glides over the production like butter as she sings about living it up with a stress-free with a fling.

“Don’t stress me / I’m not looking for something serious / Cause I’m not serious, If I was serious / Then I wouldn’t be here right now,” she begins the tune on the first verse.

“Make You Say is about having fun, living your life and never taking things too serious. I was in a good place when I wrote it, its just how I felt at the time,” Foxx explains.

Join Rachel’s lighthearted, good time below: