Lauriana Mae Is ‘LOL’-ing At All The Haters On New Single Featuring Chicago Femcee Dreezy

New Jersey singer-songwriter  Lauriana Mae links up with producer Jack Splash for a new track titled “LOL,” featuring Chicago female rapper Dreezy.

Over throwback production, featuring lush strings and a mid-tempo disco groove, Lauriana laughs in the faces of those who did her wrong.

“And I almost feel bad for you, then I think about the sh*t that you did / Then I almost got mad, then I thought about your life and it was so sad / And I almost feel bad for you, and I think about the sh*t that you did / And I almost feel bad / But almost doesn’t count, so I’m laughing out loud like ha ha, ha ha,” she fluidly sings on the chorus.

The track is the first offering from Lauriana and Splash’s upcoming mixtape, Can’t Go Back, which is set to feature guest appearances from Raekwon, Manolo Rose, and many more.