Avery*Sunshine Invites A S/O To ‘Come Do Nothing’

Sometimes someone’s presence is all you need to feel fulfilled.

Avery*Sunshine is back with a new, classically- soulful joint called “Come Do Nothing” where she suggests to a romantic interest they do nothing but bask in each other presence.

“This is a song that shows the duality that most of us experience in relationships…’I can’t live with you, but I can’t live without you.’ What better way to tell your ex or significant other how much you miss them than by telling them to ‘come on over…we can do absolutely nothing and I’ll be satisfied.'”

The song features lush, live instrumentation and of course, Avery’s always-stellar, soulful vocals. Have a listen:


“Come Do Nothing” is the first single from  Avery’s upcoming album, which is slated to arrive in February 2017.