Liana Bank$ Odes Wild Nights & Confused Mornings On ‘Plead The Fifth’

Green-haired, NYC-based songstress Liana Bank$ is back with a new sassy single called “Plead The Fifth.”

Produced by YOBO and written by Bank$ herself, the track is an ode to late, wild nights that turn into question marks.

Speaking to The Fader, Liana says of the song: “Ever had one of those nights where you got really, really reckless… but was too gone to position your face into the dog filter on Snapchat and document it? Ever wake up like ‘How the hell did I get on this boat, and why am I wearing pink pajamas?’ Lol, then this song is dedicated to your wild a$$. ‘May the odds forever be in your favor.’”

This is a taste of what listeners can expect of her highly anticipated mixtape, Insubordinate, which is set for release on October 28th.

Stream below: