Shae Williams Says ‘Eff Love’ and We Believe Her!

Cue R. Kelly’s “When A Woman’s Fed Up.”

Shae Williams is known for her sweet and soulful vocals, but this time around, her delivery is reprieved with attitude and anger. On her latest single, ‘Eff Love,’ the R&B songstress is at her breaking point after getting her heart broken.

“Why can’t love just be easy? It’s too damn much, I just don’t need it,” Shae declares as she scolds her ex-bae for stepping out on her.

The Nashville, Tennessee native’s emotion-filled performance, backed by strong vocals, puts us in the driver’s seat of her painstaking breakup. She unquestionably made her circumstance real and relatable.

‘Eff Love’ is produced by Stridah Von, for Ragnurok Publishing. Shae plans to release a full debut project in 2017 via The Muse Music Label, LLC.

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