Bibi Bourelly Has A ‘Ballin’ Attitude On New Single

Rent gonna be past due this month? Work to or three jobs to makes ends meet? Well you can still have a winning attitude like singer/songwriter Bibi Bourelly has in her newest offering “Ballin.”

Bibi shines a little confidence and optimism on those tough life situations.

“I got fired from Old Navy / My landlord keeps knocking, swear that n*gga hates me /  Sleeping on this old couch, but sh*t I’m not complaining / Cause I’m still a pimp, tho / Like there’s moolah raining,” she sings on the first verse.

With an attitude like that, you can’t lose!



“Ballin” follows Bibi’s debut EP Free The Real released earlier this year. Purchase “Ballin” on iTunes HERE.