[Premeire] Indie-Folk/Soul Artist Moorea Masa Offers Soothing Groove, ‘The Garden’

Indie-Folk/Soul Artist Moorea Masa premieres  her new single “The Garden” today (Sept 19th), a soulful, ethereal groove about moving on from toxic situations.

“I don’t know when it started but it must come to an end / I’ve got to let you go now, you’ve had your time,”she sings on the first verse before the lushness of the song chimes in.

About the song Moorea explains:

“The Garden is about letting go of things in your life that don’t serve you. The song is a reminder to myself that you have to go through the dark times to get to the light. The chorus was inspired by a line in the Prophet by Khalil Gibran that says “Your joys are your sorrows unmasked”. That has always really stuck with me, and it has been showing up in my life a lot lately in different relationships. There were a few really tough relationships in my life I had to create boundaries or completely distance myself from, and it was always really hard to let go, but at the end always came back around as a really positive time of learning and growth. I started writing this song with my friend Grant from the band Manatee Commune and he turned it into his own track that was just released recently. Collaborating with Jmost on the production of this version and my band The Mood was such a joy. Can’t wait to share what we’re doing with the rest of the album. This is just a taste of where it’s going!”

Stream and enjoy below!