Hot New Music: Che’Nelle Unleashes Musical Gumbo With “Strut”

Singer/Songwriter Che’Nelle got us moving like Jagger on this rainy Monday morning. The Malaysian Australian beauty dropped the music video for her single, “Strut,” and it is delightful, to say the least.

The visual was shot in a kitchen with Che’Nelle taking center stage backed by a full band, who scour our ears with music styles in soul, funk and marching band.

“Strut” is actually a remake of the songstress’ 2015 single “Fierce,” which was EDM-driven.

“I flipped it because it wasn’t really me,” Che’Nelle declares on Instagram. “What you see now is more authentic, my world. My message about being fierce and true to oneself kinda slapped me in my face, I asked myself mmmm is this me? My Answer was not really, so I experimented and created what you hear and see now Sorry for the ramble.. I know it’s probably weird cos it’s the same song lol it just happened that way .. I messed around with it and this is what it turned into lol That’s my story and man im glad I didn’t settle. #neversettle Haha I hope that’s interesting to you.. Thanks for listening.”

We’re glad Che’Nelle decided to be herself because “Strut” is magical.

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