JoJo Releases Doo Wop-Inspired Title Tune, ‘Mad Love’

Just days after revealing the cover of her third album Mad Love, JoJo drops the title track.

With a doo wop flare, the song swings along to the tune of JoJo’s declaring her dependence on an unhealthy relationship.

“Twisted like wire in your arms / A dangerous place for my heart / But you know I love getting off on the thrill,” she sings on the second verse.

About the album’s title, JoJo told Vogue , “Being from the East Coast, mad love is a term that you hear a lot. You know, like, I’ve got mad love for you. And I use mad love a lot actually in my daily speech. That’s mad good, mad real, et cetera. In the beginning of the year, when I started on this album, I got into the studio while at the end of this relationship that I wasn’t really able to let go of, and Mad Love is a product of talking about that,” she said.

Mad Love is set to drop on October 14 via Atlanta Records.