[Premiere] Marga Lane Captures The First Stages of Love In New Single, ‘Thinking About You’

Today (Sept 8), NYC-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Marga Lane debuts her new single “Thinking About You.” The single is a celebration of love in its truest form; a new relationship and the hope and bliss that accompanies it.

“With “Thinking About You” I wanted to recreate that feeling of lightheartedness you get while falling in love. It’s an upbeat and fun song to sing along to,” Lane explained.

The light, upbeat jazz guitar and Lane’s vocals sweet vocals will make you sway along to her loving vibes.



Lane is a Berklee College of Music graduate who’s working on a personal project to date, a five-track story of love and loss titled Undressed. Produced by fellow Berklee alumni Matt Bobb, Undressed showcases raw acoustic guitar, soulfully layered vocals and distinctive melodies.

“I write a lot of love songs and love is synonymous with belief. I would hope my music inspires people to have a belief in the power of love, whether it’s love for yourself or love for another. You can believe that you are meant to be with a certain person or believe that you can overcome circumstances because you love yourself enough to,” confides Lane.

Undressed is set for release on December 2nd.

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