Liana Banks Reserves a ‘Table For One’

Sometimes solitude is golden, and therefore, being single is can be golden, too.

Newcomer Liana Banks turns down company in her new single “Table For One,” an anthem for all the metaphorical solo diners across the world.

“My soul’s grown cold / Turn my heart into a piece of stone / Left my body feeling worn and old / I’m better off staying all alone” she sings on the hook.




“Let’s be real. No one actually wants to be alone, but deep love with the wrong person can become extremely dangerous,” Bank explains. “I’ve found that in those instances, solitude is savior. Plus now you don’t have to share your food, pretty lit if you ask me.”

“Table For One” comes off Liana Banks’ upcoming debut project Insubordinate which is slated for release this October.