Lifetime Teases Michel’le’s Lifetime Biopic ‘Surviving Compton,’ Movie Set For October

The woman behind the West Coast rap scene’s inception was silenced, now she’s speaking out.

R&B singer Michel’le’s storyline may have been left out of the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton, but she’s getting the chance to let the world know about her involvement in the Ruthless Records and Death Row Records with her Lifetime biopic titled Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Me. 

The network released a 15-second teaser for the film which features  the words “Behind the men who changed hip-hop is the woman who knows the truth.” The singer then removes a parental advisory sticker from her mouth.

Michel’le shares a child with Dr. Dre and was married to Suge Knight for eight years. She’s been vocal about being abused in both relationships.

The film is slated to air sometime in October.

This should be interesting to see her side of things; I can just see the Twitter timelines blowing up with the hashtag “#MichelleBiopic.”

Watch the film teaser HERE.