[Premiere] Demi Grace Has An Anthem ‘For The Girls’

Today (Aug.15), she’s London-born, NYC-based artist Demi Grace offers a new banger called “For The Girls,” a banger for her fellow boss chicks.

A departure from her pop sound, “For The Girls” is a heavy-hitter. “F*ck what you heard / I do it for the girls,” she resounds on the bass-heavy track.



Demi Grace began her music career singing back up for various rock bands in Los Angeles around 2008. Grace wrote and self-released her first single “Want You” and after self-releasing her first EP I Am Fearless, Demi signed a distribution deal with Hitman Records, a partner of Universal Music Group Canada. She also has an extensive  modeling and acting resume, having been in magazines locally and internationally for cosmetic lines such as M.A.C. Cosmetics and Sephora’s Makeup Forever, designers such as NIKA who designed gowns for R&B Singer Mya, “Dancing with the Stars”, and actress Lisa Raye. Demi has also worked with hairstylists such as Kim Kimble, Elgin Charles and Diane Stevens at Nixon.