Drake’s Father Launches R&B Career, Has a Music Video! (Watch Snippet)

Aaw shoot, Drake’s father is about to take a bit of spotlight form his superstar son! Sixty-year-old Dennis Graham is ready to show the word just where Drizzy gets his musical talents from.

TMZ got their hands on a snippet of a music video of Graham’s for his upcoming single “Kinda Crazy.”

Watch and listen below:


…And he doesn’t sound half bad! He’s not trying to compete with the younger music trends, rather he’s sticking with his era of smooth-crooning R&B. And it’s not just this single, expect an entire album soon!

Graham has some major support behind him; Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine’s son, Jamie Iovine, is the producer behind “Kinda Crazy,” which is slated to arrive in full this month. 

What do you think of Drake’s father’s foray into music so far, Roomies?