NYC Singer/Songwriter Chris Stylez Drops Reggae-Tinged Jam, ‘Relapse’

Following his single “L.I.A (Losing It All),” NYC artist Chris Stylez has released a new single titled “Relapse.” The dancehall-infused tune is produced by ANY|RIOT, and a quick tap into Stylez’s Jamaican roots and heritage.

“This song is about letting a good thing go, yet being constantly reminded of why you both fell so hard in the first place,” says the east coast crooner. Stylez’ buttery vocals are always good for the ears!

Earlier this year, Stylez released his EP Who Is, which has been featured on Spotify United States Viral 50, the UK’s Viral 10, and Snapchat Discover’s “Under the Ghost” Channel.

Stream “Relapse” below: