Marz Leon Feels The Intimacy In “Dancing” With Newbie, ‘L D’

Eclectic singer Marz Leon drops a newbie called “L D (Let’s Dance)” which will be featured on her forthcoming album 44 set to drop this summer.

Produced by Jamil “Digi” Chammas and Charlie Handsome, “L D” is a rhythmic, synthy, atmospheric offering inspired by the intimate feeling that comes from “dancing,” figuratively and literally.

“When you first make love, you feel a deep pull inside your body drawing you towards that one person,” Marz told the FADER.  “You start to turn warm inside. Then your body begins to move to the rhythm of that person’s beat. You’re mentally telling them through physical response: ‘Take my hand, and let’s dance tonight.’ Dancing could also be a mental thing,” she continued. “It’s really up to your own interpretation, but dancing is a very intimate thing to me. A connection on another level.”

Stream Leon’s sensual offering below: