V. Bozeman Releases Powerful New Song ‘Dear Officer’ ft. Young Lyfe In Support Of #BLACKLIVESMATTER

Singing sensation V. Bozeman is the latest celebrity to speak out on behalf of the national #BlackLivesMatter movement in light of recent fatal police shootings involving black citizens. The soul singer teams up with rap artist Young Lyfe and producer Rodney Jones, Jr. (Lil Rod) to unveil a heartfelt “letter” to law enforcement called “Dear Officer.”

The song begins with a sound bite of Malcolm X and is followed with lyrics such as “Dear officer, will you let our husbands walk away, will you let our brothers live today, can our sons go outside to play. Dear officer, without getting shot up, even though they got their hands up…”

Marvin Bing, Creative Director at Art For Amnesty, sheds light on the significance of V Bozeman’s emotionally charged new song:

“Music has long played a critical role in inspiring, mobilizing, and giving voice to the movement for black lives. The music and artists are playing a strong and vital role in the struggle for freedom. V continues to use her platform to continue that legacy. ‘Dear Officer’ gives the people a renewed courage and a sense of unity. I think it will inspire to keep alive a faith, a radiant hope, in this moment, particularly in our hopeless moment as a people,” Marvin explains.

Stream the powerful song below: