Soul/Bluegrass Trio The War and Treaty Drop Sobering Tune, ‘I Ain’t Gon Make It Home Tonight’ in Response to Unarmed Killings

With the current state of violence and police brutality in America, there are many messages being sent out from various artists. Enter The War and Treaty, a dynamic, soulful, bluegrass group comprised of husband and wife, singer Tanya Blount (known for her role in Sister Act 2) and Michael Trotter Jr., and cello player Thillman Benham.

The trio releases a stirring single “I Ain’t Gonna Make It Home Tonight” lead by Michael’s strong, raw vocals. Sung from a first-person point of view, he sings as a man who knows that walking out of his front door does not offer any assurance that he will return. Passionate and moving, Trotter’s voice demonstrates the anguish of our times.