Nina Sky Returns With Breezy Summer Single, ‘Champion Lover,’ Preps New Album

Twin sisters Natalie and Nicole Albino (a.k.a Nina Sky) are back with a forthcoming album called Brightest Gold,  spearheaded by the track, “Champion Lover.”

The song is an R&B groove with a techno-tinge, an ode to the great skills of a lover.”Nicole wrote the chorus about her wife and our verse is about my husband,” adds Natalie. “It originated as something more playful but it turned into a single for us and has a cute meaning behind it,” told Billboard.

Since Nicole has come out publicly as being a lesbian, and Natalie had her son a few ears ago, both sisters feel comfortable in their own skin.

“When Natalie and I first came out in 2004 [with their dancehall hit “Move Your Body], everyone [we worked with] was so set on ‘Don’t talk about being a lesbian, don’t talk about being in a relationship. People need to desire you,'” recalls Nicole. “I don’t necessarily think that was the way we wanted to sell our music. If people were into the music, they would support what we do anyway.”

“I think I felt comfortable in my skin once we decided to go the independent route in 2005-2006 and were able to create the type of music we wanted to create and do the kinds of shows we wanted to do,” Natalie added. “After I had my son, it was kind of like a rebirth for me ’cause I’m a mom now, and I’m rediscovering things about myself. I have to be much more balanced and aware of what I’m doing. I think you’re always growing as a person in becoming more comfortable with who you are.”

Like “Move Your Body,” “Champion Lover” is a listen that will get a lot of people up on the dance floor.

Peep the lyric video above!