R&B/Soul Artist Brian Cook Aims To Transport Your Mindset On New Single, ‘280’

With a sweet melody and soothing vocals, R&B artist Brian Cook is back with is latest hit single, “280.” Following his previous release  “Superhero”, Brain looks to transport you to a different place, both mentally and physically on “280.”

A highway in Birmingham, Alabama where Brian is from, “280” is about a mindset. As Brian stated, “280 is where the high-end stores, expensive cars and homes are, and that place gives you the inspiration to achieve the life you dream about….Kind of like pulling up on Rodeo Drive in L.A., Lenox in Atlanta, or Westheimer in Houston, for example.”

“280” is so open to interpretation as Brian wants listeners to develop their own “mindset” when they listen to the track.

Response for the track has great with comments such as “I ❤ this! My new theme song!” and “Nice. I want my drop top back now…………… So smooth. Love it.”

Our own Elle Breezy even said, “I honestly didn’t listen to the words, all I heard was his melody and the track and was sold.”

Stream Cook’s “280” below: