Alicia Keys Officially Drops New Single, ‘Hallelujah’, Bans Phones From Her Concerts

Alicia Keys debuted this song, “Hallelujah” on her May 7th appearance on SNL, now she’s dropped the official studio version, a track from an upcoming sixth album rumored to arrive later this year.

It’s another one of her epic ballads, and, just like her #nomakeup stance (which gives the OK to embrace flaws) there are even vocal cracks left in the recording, furthering the underlying message of authenticity.

The theme of “Hallelujah” itself one of genuineness, as Keys asks for true intimacy “When all hope disappears, please protect me from my tears / I need you right by my side / Hallelujah, hallelujah let me in,” she sings.


In other Alicia Keys news, she wants fans to be in the moment at her concerts, so much so, that her fans will soon have to leave their phones at the door when it comes to her performances. When fans arrive at the venue, they will hand their phones over to security guards who will place them in a Yondr case, which will sit outside the performance area if the need arises for a quick call or text.

Yondr creator Graham Dugoni says the pouch serves two purposes: to avoid leaking new material, and for fans to enjoy a show more without constantly filming, texting and Tweeting. “If you haven’t been to a phone-free show, you just don’t know what you’re missing,” he says. “There’s something about living in real life that can’t be replicated,”  Dugoni said.

Singer Adele, along with comedians Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. are also on-board with the phone ban.

This seems to be the technology of the future. What do you think, Roomies? Good idea, or will you miss your phones?


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