Liana Banks Rejects Toxic People On New Song, ‘Leave Me Alone’

Twenty-five year-old Queens-based R&B artist Liana Bank$ is not a pushover. Her new song “Leave Me Alone” rejects that notion of being with a person who’s not good for you, even though you seem to not be able to get enough of them.

Produced by UK producer Mura Masa, the original name of the track was also “Leave Me Alone,” and Banks went with the flow for her concept. She tells Nylon for the premiere, “My manager fucks with him heavy too and suggested I write on top of one of his tracks, so of course I was down. This one track sounded exactly like my life at the time; it was weird.”

The song is specifically about loving a toxic person and the struggle breaking away:

It’s such a strange place to be in, when the person you consider your ‘medicine’ is also your poison. When every time it gets better it also gets worse,” says Liana Bank$ of the song. “There’s a quote I’ve always loved by Osho that says ‘if you love a flower, don’t pick it up’. As beautiful as they are, flowers -once picked- are just a countdown away from expiring. You get to admire them, put them in your finest your vase, take in their scent. But what about the flower? That’s what’ “Leave Me Alone” is about. Don’t pick a flower unless you plan to replant it, ya know?”


Banks has written for Rihanna and Nicki Minaj and danced background for Chris Brown. Now she’s poised to drop her debut Insubordinate set to drop sometime this spring.