Anwar Sawyer & Andrew Diaz Of R&B/Pop Duo A+A Drop Rock/Soul Offering, ‘Kansas’

We remember Anwar Sawyer & Andrew Diaz of R&B/pop duo A+A from their song “Believe In Good Girls,” now they’re back with their new single, “Kansas.”

Written and produced entirely by the twosome, the track is from their debut EP LivingRooms, an epic, driven song about finding home/solace after branching out of one’s comfort zone in a relationship.

I really hope they have palm tress in Kansas, cuz baby this ain’t Kansas no more / We can’t reach the walls where we going, and where we go we can’t come home,” Diaz on the chorus.


Sawyer is the musician while Diaz takes lyrics and vocals. The two met at a recording studio Sawyer used to own and began writing songs with each other for other artists. Eventually, they decided to start making music for themselves and formed A+A, recording and producing their music in Sawyer’s living room. Their music draws inspiration from current artists, such as Radiohead and Coldplay, in addition to classic artists, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and the chord progressions of Bach. Their lyrics are heavily influenced by George Michael and James Fauntleroy.