[Premiere] Kofi Black Knows What The ‘Booty Do’

Last we heard from Kofi Black was back in 2014 with his offering “Ol School Love.” Now he’s back with a newbie;it’s a 360-degree turn in his sound with the premiere of “Booty Do.”

Whereas his previous offerings were crooning about the appreciation of the hearts of women, “Booty Do” speaks to the appreciation of the backsides.  On the banger, Black sings about getting very close to a woman in the club.

“She one me, we doing all kinds of things against this wall / She broke it down, broke it down, broke it down / I cuffed the booty it was round, it was round, it was round…Show me what the booty do,” she sings on the first verse and chorus.

Kofi is completely self-taught on the piano, drums and bass guitar, which are heard throughout his music. “My songwriting is influenced by life, by relationships, the things I feel and the reality I’ve seen. It’s raw at times, fun, the words and melodies may pull on your heart strings, but most importantly it’s relatable and sincere,” Kofi states.

 In 2012, Black dropped his Raekwon-assisted “I Love Your Crazy.”

Get into “Booty Do” below: