Kevin McCall Questions Love vs. Money With Notorious B.I.G On New Song, ‘The Love Of Money’

“Did she love me? Or the money?” Kevin McCall asks on his new song “The Love Of Money” produced by Mike and Keys x Rey Reel.

The song saunters along as McCall reflects on a woman whose devotion he doesn’t fully trust. “I got one question, do you love me or you love my money?” he asks on the hook, adding the Notorious B.I.G. soundbite from the rapper’s famous 90s interview where he states “That’s real, yo. The more money you make the more problems you get. And jealousy and envy, it’s something there. It comes with the territory, man.”

“My side of the story will always come in music form. Love Vs. Lu$t coming asap,” he captioned with the song. Sounds like was inspired by a real life gold-digging situation? And it ALSO sounds like he’s prepping a new project.

Vibe out with Kevin and stay tuned…