[Premiere] The Amours Will Make You ‘Smile’ With Their New Single

Since The Amours introduced themselves to the world with their debut 2015 EP Rhythmic Love, the duo are on their way to achieving mainstream success. After much anticipation, the powerhouses are ready to “smile and spread some love” with the re-release of their brand new single “Smile.” The feel-good track showcases the Amours’ beautiful harmonies, all while embodying that very mantra of their music.

“When ‘Smile’ was written, it came from a place of realization,” says the Amours. “Realizing that things happen in our lives that we cannot control, so just smile because it’s a part of the makings of you, and it’s only going to make you stronger!”

For “Smile,” the Amours co-produced the track along with Jeffrey Purdie. The song is uniquely The Amours; a bluegrass-soul delight, filled with a melting pot of styles and influences ranging from R&B, classical, and jazz elements. “Smile” is a true feel-good song full of energy and most importantly, love.

You may remember The Amours as the melodic duo who received well over 3,000 fan votes crowning them as winners in a radio competition, landing them a coveted spot as the opening act for Teyanna Taylor. Or the opening act for one of the sold out Jazmine Sullivan shows this past Christmas season in Washington D.C.; Sullivan handpicked them to be her opening act and has been a fan of the Amours ever since. “The Amours have the most angelic voices with a vocal blend only sisters can have,” says Jazmine Sullivan. “Their sound is authentic, and I know they will go far.”

In the sentiments of their mentor, the Amours, “the sisters of love,” are setting to blaze a trail in the music industry. The Washington D.C-based creatives, comprised of sisters– Jakiya Ayanna (21), and Shaina Aisha (17), are known for their eclectic harmonies kismet with a refreshing organic blend of R&B, Bluegrass-Soul, Jazz, Pop, and Classical fusions. Along with their added skill as trained guitar and cajon drum players, both are beneficiaries of training from Duke Ellington School of The Arts.

Purchase their EP Rhythmic Love HERE.