Mike City Unleashes A Slew Of Unreleased Gems Featuring Melanie Fiona, Jamie Foxx, Dave Hollister, More

For the last month or so, Philly singer-songwriter/producer Mike City has been dusting off the vault and posting unreleased gems from studio sessions with artists he’s produced for in the past; those like a rare Brandy/Sunshine Anderson collab and a Music Soulchild tune.

Since then, Mike has released a one tune after another from recording sessions of yore with Ruben Studdard, Brandy, Jazmine Sullivan, Jamie Foxx, Dave Hollister, Carl Thomas, Brandy, and Melanie Fiona. Scroll below and be taken back, way back…back into time. Mike’s captions are included:

“Make It Do” with Ruben Studdard: “Unreleased joint i did with my man Ruben a few moons ago…Rube voice is DOPE!! #GoodDude” Mike says.


This one titled “Just To Know” featuring vocals by Az Yet: “Unreleased, unmixed joint from the vault that i wrote & produced for Az Yet…These dudes vocals are NUTZ & i definitely had a blast in the lab with them…Some REAL singin’ going down on this record,” he captions.


“I Don’t Know You Anymore” with Jamie Foxx: “Joint I did with my dawg Jamie circa 2006.. #GoodDude” Mike City writes.


A song called “Something About You” with Dave Hollister. About this one, Mike writes, “Ayeeee, when me & Dave get together, soulful things happen..haha We did this joint around the time when the “Chicago 85” album was coming together. Y’all already know that Dave is a #Beast #MyMan


This Carl Thomas / Latoiya Williams collab called “All My Life”: “Unreleased duet from the vault that was cut around the time we did the “So Much Better” project..Two dope artist singing about love!! What’s messin’ wit that?? haha REAL R&B…#LuvIsLuv,”Mike says.

This one of Jazmine Sullivan when she was only a teenager: “When you’re in the presence of greatness, you usually know right away..I knew Jazmine was great immediately!! She was only 14-15 yrs old and was an absolute BEAST and she STILL IS..being that today (4/9) is her b’day, i wanted to let the real R&B/Soul heads hear how she was getting down BACK THEN…She cut her vocals in 1-2 takes and was under the weather too..#BEAST,” he says.


This chill one featuring Melanie Fiona: “Joint from the vault that i did with my homie Mel back in the dizzay…The 1st time i heard her sing, i was like “WHOA, y’all singin’ like THAT in Toronto?” haha Her voice is BUTTER!! #LuvIsLuv,” Mike writes.


And last (and most likely NOT least), another one with Brandy called “Joneses.” “Me and Bran Circa 05-06….A lot of her hardcore fans already know about this unreleased joint but may not have known that i was behind the board…Always fun working with THE BEAST because i never know what she’s gonna do in the booth but it’s always FIRE haha,” he explains.