Detroit’s Scolla Cooks Up Some ‘Soul Food’

Last we heard from Detroit-bred artist Scolla as back in 2013 with his offering “Peace,” now he’s back with another smooth one called “Soul Food.”

Produced by Ashton Woods (Dej Loaf), VibeHaus producer HeizenBURR!, and Scolla himself , the song will have you rocking as soon as the chill beat drops. “I said this that, this that shit, that hits your soul, that hits your soul,” he opens on the song, before listing a bunch of plans for the day on the first verse. The song then ends with a message of love.

“This is the first of many releases in motion from now to the end of the year. This is a record I’ve been sitting on for almost a year and it finally felt right to share it with everyone,” he says.



Oh yeah, this joint nourishes your being like some soul food!

Purchase “Soul Food” on iTunes HERE.