[PREMIERE] Pro Ensemble The Nth Power Drop Off Animated Video, ‘Only Love’

Today (April 7), pro ensemble The Nth Power links up with Singersroom to premiere the animated video for their soulful single “Only Love.” In the colorful clip, group members Nikki Glaspie, Courtney “J’Mell” Smith, Nate Edgar, Nick Cassarino, and Weedie Braimah are represented in cartoon form as they jam out while another character listens to their sweet sounds as she meets her love at the subway.

Bassist Nate Edgar explained how the animated video came about:

“The concept for the video came about when I saw Nikki Glaspie (drums) checking out a Talib Kweli tune on YouTube for a gig she had with him. I was really excited by the vibe of the animation and found out it was done by a video production company out of Brooklyn, NY called Dream Bear. I contacted their team to let them know that they crushed it, and started up a conversation with the director of video production, Evan Brown, about possibly putting something together for The Nth Power. Evan and his video team came up with the story board of a young lady searching around the city for her man – but keeping it kinda moody, dark and urban.”

He continued, “Looking at myself as cartoon was weird and surreal! Especially since I grew up on massive amounts of classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker.”

The Nth Power features a top-tier roster of musicians who have powered everyone from Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Maceo Parker, Ivan Neville, Ravi Coltrane, Big Daddy Kane and more. Originally formed at a late night jam session during Jazz Fest in 2012, the band fearlessly blends soul, rock, R&B, jazz, Gospel, folk and World Beat and are currently touring on the heels of their fall 2015 release Abundance.