Atlanta-Based Songstress Ré Lxuise Is ‘Dripping Gold’ With New EP

We last heard from emerging Atlanta-based songstress Ré Lxuise (pronounced Rae Lou-ease) early last year, as she dropped off a trilogy of visuals which formed the 2015 project Lxuise.

This time around the Detroit native is back, fresh from a brief but stunning guest appearance on Dream Loud Music Group labelmate ELHAE’s major label debut LP, All Have Fallen.

She follows up the momentum delivering this five-track EP, in which she gives a concise play-by-play of the roller-coaster of emotions involved in a typically complex modern love story. In true characteristic R&B fashion, we get from each of the five chapters a narrative told with emotionally-charged lead vocals, sincere lyrics, combined with some golden harmonies laid over a superb, richly varied canvas of instrumentation.

Stream the brand new EP, Dripping Gold by Re’Lxuise below: