10 03, 2017

Ré Lxuise Shares Brand New EP, ‘D.M. Me’

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Picking out a specific standout moment here certainly wouldn't be fair to such a well-balanced overall body of work. What is notable is the subtle 90's undertones, moody, ambient synths, crystal clear vocals and trappy, bass-heavy production, with all these elements working together in perfect harmony.

5 04, 2016

Atlanta-Based Songstress Ré Lxuise Is ‘Dripping Gold’ With New EP

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We last heard from emerging Atlanta-based songstress Ré Lxuise (pronounced Rae Lou-ease) early last year, as she dropped off a trilogy of visuals which formed the 2015 project Lxuise. This time around the Detroit native is back, fresh from a brief but stunning guest appearance on Dream Loud Music Group labelmate ELHAE's major label debut LP, All Have Fallen. She [More]