Zonnique Drops Nostalgic, Munchies-Filled Single, ‘Worst Friday’

She recently celebrated her 20th birthday on the 20th, and former OMG Girl Zonnique is christening her entry into another decade of life with a new album slated for April 20th.

Yesterday (March 24), T.I. and Tiny’s daughter dropped her new single called “Worst Friday,” which expresses Zonnique’s frustration over a killjoy friend who messes up her high. It’s just a a sucky day overall for Zonnique, and just so happens to be on a Friday.

“You ate my chips and you drunk my sh*t, you b*tch / You blow my high (high)…/ It’s Friday and you ain’t got sh*t to do / But come around here and f*ck up my mood,” she sings over the Motown-esque track, which contrasts the lyrics in every way.



Zonniques’s first solo single, “Nun For Free,” arrived last summer. Purchase “Worst Friday” on iTunes HERE.