Kelly Rowland To Launch Makeup Line For ‘Chocolate Girls’

Women of color come in many shades, so it can be frustrating when it comes to finding foundations to match. For women blessed with darker complexions, there just simply aren’t enough options out there. However, Kelly Rowland is here to save the day!

The Grammy award-winning singer announced on Monday to Essence that she’s creating a makeup line for women with rich, brown skin tones.

“My makeup artist Sheika Daley and I are actually starting a makeup line we’re making sure we make, well, we’re starting off with lashes and then we’re going to have it grow for all women,” Rowland told . “But definitely making sure we have our chocolate girls covered. Gotta get the chocolate girls in there! We have to have that, you know. I think Iman has done a beautiful makeup line, and I want to do it too!”

Rowland told PeopleStyle that when she was in Destiny’s Child, makeup artists couldn’t match her skin tone.

“I remember going to Europe, and there was this one makeup artist — I’m a chocolate girl, and she made me look pink,” Rowland recalled. “And then when she tried again, I looked green. And then when she tried again, I looked way fairer than what I really am.” She even remembered a time when she attempted to do her makeup herself, and the results were tragic.  “I looked like a monster in one picture. I remember Destiny’s Child went to the Brit Awards, and we tried to do our faces ourselves — I looked crazy. So I had to learn!” she remembered.

More options in makeup for woman of color are always good! Sounds like a winner!

Along with the line, Rowland is on the hunt for the next big girl group on a docu-series called “Chasing Destiny,” which will air on BET on April 5th.