Top 10 Freaky R&B Songs of the Past Decade (2005-2015)

For decades, many R&B singers recorded songs about sex. From Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On,” to Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You Baby,” to Barry White’s, well, anything! R&B singers are always expressing their interest and desire for sex, and it falls into so many realms. Yes, the records get people aroused, but it’s a little deeper; It’s a physical activity where people are connecting in a prolific way, heck, it’s where we all come from, so you can’t run away from it even if you wanted too!

R&B singers write songs about lovemaking, lusting, one night stands, or just talk about sex figuratively. As you can see, there’s a song for every type of sex. has decided to highlight the top 10 sex songs from 2005-2015. There are many artists who wrote/sang songs about sex, but we figured out which ones were the freakiest. The songs were selected based on critical reception, music sales, and lyrical content.

Check out the hottest, most explicit, and explosive hits from the past decade (in no particular order)!

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