Ashanti Endures Another Day Of Creepy Questioning By Stalker In Court

Poor Ashanti.

She had to face her longtime stalker Devar Hurd in court on Wednesday (March 16) for a third time for a re-trial, and endured a line a graphic questioning from the deranged superfan, who (for some reason) is being allowed to represent himself in court.

According to NY Daily News, during his open argument, Hurd revealed he’s trying to prove Ashanti never told him she was creeped out by his sexual tweets from 2013, therefore arguing she welcomed his explicit tweets. “You’re not going to see a lick of evidence where she said ‘stop communicating with me, I don’t want to hear from you, you’re scaring me,’” he said.


Hurd recapped all the explicit tweets he sent to Ashanti in 2013, including “eating pu**y from the back tastes better from a flight to Russia”. During his line of questioning, Hurd asked Ashanti if she liked those tweets or not. “I saw the disgusting tweet and was insulted,” Ashanti replied. “Why didn’t you tell me to stop or block me?” Hurd reportedly replied, then said “I know how you are when it comes to our sex life … us f****** is very emotional on both ends.”

TMZ reports Ashanti said nothing, just crossed her arms and closed her eyes.


According to the NY Daily News, Hurd delusionally claims he and Ashanti are dating. The publication says Hurd said “She thinks I’m two-timing her and not being faithful.”

During yesterday’s trial, Hurd also asked Ashanti about her sexy performances. “You do lap dances for your performances, correct?” I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just saying,” he said.

The proceedings went to a mistrial after a juror got sick in 2014, then in October 2015, Hurd was convicted on nine counts during a second trial, including sending hundreds of lewd tweets. In 2009, Hurd was convicted of stalking Ashanti’s mom Tina Douglas (including sending pics of his genitals he referred to as gifts).

Hurd is facing 4 years in prison if convicted.