Who Knew!? Brandy & Sunshine Anderson Collab On ‘Heard It All Before (Remix)’ [Listen]

Producer Mike City “officially” releases this never-heard track; it’s the remix to Sunshine Anderson’s 2001 debut single “Heard It All Before” featuring Brandy that never got released!

As I turns out, this was recorded during a session when Mike was working with both singers in 2001, and a mystery person got a hold to it and uploaded it to YouTube. Upon finding out, Mike decided to release it himself.

“Someone brought it to my attention that this unreleased remix was floating around on Youtube (I had no idea), so I decided to post it myself- after all, I did produce it…haha Fun session/Good vibes,” he captioned with the song.

The song sounds a lot different than the original, taking on a completely different melody. Wonder why this was shelved? It could’ve at least been a side B!

Check it out below!