Long Beach Songstress Rashondra Angelle Feels The ‘Temptation’

I don’t know about love at first sight, but lust at first sight is definitely a thing!

Rashondra Angelle drops her single “Temptation” where she sings of that moment where you see an attractive stranger from across the way and star to immediately daydream.

“Baby you don’t have to dance alone, and baby you can have me all alone,” she sensually sings on the first verse. The hook features lyrics of the Destiny’s Child’s song of the same name, and the tune offers other familiar musical interpolations.

Angelle grew up listening to a variety of music from gangsta rap to jazz, and has collaborated with many industry professionals such as underground hip hop legends Planet Asia and Tri-State, and notable hip-hop producer Daeone. In addition, Ms. Angelle has opened for alternative-soul and independent soul artists Res and Sy Smith.

“Temptation” will grace her upcoming album The After Glow, described as “a unique blend of progressive soul music; an eclectic vibration of soulful, sensual, and sassy fusion of spoken word and R&B.”